Monday, January 24, 2011

Invitation Round Up

The stationary you select for your wedding is key.

Creativity and quality are the gold standard when it comes to paper goods.  So whether you are purchasing or designing your own invitations, make them special, and remember that you are setting the tone for what's to come.

From custom designed letterpress invitations to total DIY, here are a few of my favorites...

$100 Diy printable invitation.  Have these printed on nice card stock at a local printer for an expensive look that's surprisingly affordable. Available for purchase from

A custom letterpress set from the always amazing MaeMae Paperie.  I adore the navy ink printed on blush colored Italian paper. Simple and Gorgeous.

A few gems from A Printable Press, they have an extensive catalog of invites that you can print yourself or have printed from an online or local printer. They can even format them for letterpress.  Lots of options can be found here.

Exquisite calligraphy and letterpress from Blackbird Letterpress.

Buy this invitation kit for $50, you get enough paper and envelopes for 30 invitations, you can select a free printable template design, and the paper is seed paper!  So your guests can plant it and grow wildflowers.  How cute is that?

Hints and Tips...


*  Top-feed printers are ideal for printing at home.  Bottom-feed printers can also work, but the paper can develop a bend from passing over the rollers during the printing process.

*  If selecting a heavy weight paper for home printing plan on feeding each one by hand.


* When selecting paper to print at home pick the heaviest weight your inkjet can handle.  It's wise to do test prints before going whole hog with your paper purchase.

* PaperSource is a great resource for the DIY'er.  In store or online, they make it easy to print at home. This is where I went when I  made my wedding invitations.

* Use vintage stamps or have a custom stamp made through the USPS site.

If using vintage stamps, when handing over your invitations ask if they can be "hand cancelled" this is your best bet for them getting to their destination in the best shape possible.

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