Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Signature cocktails

Having a couple of signature cocktails rather than an open bar is a great idea.  Keeping cost down is just a bonus, it will make for a more interesting evening if your guests imbibe stellar cocktails rather than the usual gin and tonic they would ordinarily order.  

Here is a round up of amazing cocktails for your event...

  • The barefoot contessa has THE BEST whisky sour recipe ever.  This is my go-to party cocktail and even the people who think they don't like sours will be won over by this drink.  My trick is to juice the lemons with the skin on for an extra tart mix.

recipe :: The Barefoot Contessa

recipe :: Martha Stewart

recipe ::
recipe :: The Hungry Mouse
  •  The Richmond Gimlet...the way a gimlet should be.

recipe :: Jeffrey Morgenthaler

recipe :: Jeffrey Morgenthaler
  • Hemingway daiquiri or as this site calls it, a Papa Doble. I know what your thinking, but you probably have never had a daiquiri like this. This is my go to drink whenever I find myself at The Varnish.

recipe :: ChezUs

If you weren't thirsty before, I'm sure you are now!  You know what they say - It's  always 5 O'clock somewhere...

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