Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get your Hurr Did

Update - read all about it.... I am booking clients right and left (which is amazing)  but I am finding it hard to blog everyday.  I love this blog and I want to keep it going, so I am cutting back to 3 posts a week and I'll post more if time allows. Do you think you can you forgive me? Can we still be friends?  I hope so :) 

And if any of my fellow bloggers/readers would like to do a guest post, I would love to have you!

I haven't done a wedding hair post in a good while. Lucky for us I came across some fab tutorials recently and I'm excited to share.

Love this simple braid tutorial.  She also sells an ebook with 30 different hair styles, but her blog is a great resource for gathering photos to take to your stylist...


Super easy Kate Middleton inspired soft chignon from the always fabulous BerlinHairBaby.com

A prim and proper up do from the gals at the beauty department...

An old fashioned but seriously elegant Gibson hair roll...

a cup of joe