Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new take on Garters

Ah, the garter toss, such a strange tradition....

When you first think of garters those cheesy polyester numbers with fake pearls probably come to mind.  That's what I used to think of as well, until I discovered a whole new world of well made and down right sexy bridal garters.  I don't think you'll be tossing these.

Florrie Mitton on
Love by Susie at
Do you plan on wearing a garter on your wedding day?


  1. I LOVE Florrie Mitton's garters - I wore the first on you show at my wedding, and I most decidedly did not throw it. It was too pretty to give away! It's now a treasured memento from that day.
    On top of all that, Claire (the woman behind Florrie Mitton) was wonderful to work with -- so very nice!

  2. You have such good taste Rosemary!