Monday, January 10, 2011

pretties and naughties

OK,  we covered what to wear under your wedding gown, but what to wear on your wedding night and honeymoon?  Now this is where you can have some fun...

I was so pooped after my wedding all I really felt like doing was putting on a pair of pajamas and crashing.  But you can't do that!  Not on your wedding night!

Here are few pretty pieces, and a couple that are a little bit naughty, and sure to surprise your husband. Now, if your reading this and thinking "Not my man!  He doesn't think that kind of stuff is sexy, he thinks I look sexy in my granny panties"   Well, maybe he does think you look sexy in your granny panties,and maybe you do, but I'm telling you that there isn't a straight man out there who wouldn't be over the moon to find his lady in bed with a big bow on her tush and nothing else.  Everyone loves a good present ;)

Warning**butt cheeks below, so open with caution ;)

Ell & Cee

Eberjey at Marlow and Wren


Ouverts, another kind of...ahem...peek-a-boo. And I'm not talking about the see through heart. 

Belladonna at Coco de Mer
Carine Gilson
The Lake & Stars at Little Flirt

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